Banking & Financials

Inspired Infotech helps Banking & Financial Services firms transform business processes, rationalize product portfolios, strategize business assets, comply with regulations, manage risks and maximize customer satisfaction.

With increasing compliance, regulatory requirements, demand for superior customer service and price pressures; the financial services marketplace is more demanding and the business landscape has never been more dynamic. Inspired Infotech’s banking practice has the insights and expertise to help banks to overcome the operational challenges and risks of a changing industry.


The Insurance industry, over the past decade, has witnessed remarkable change mainly due to globalization and deregulation. With the Insurance industry budding with new, unique entrants each passing day, it has become necessary for the insurance service providers to enhance and upgrade their services to sustain in this ever-evolving market.


Healthcare being a basic need of mankind, there has been a big increase in demand of over the past decade. Minimized medical error, improved tracking, compliance with quality standards, and increased reporting safety, among others are some of the challenges the healthcare industry faces today. To keep pace with the changing norms, the healthcare providers are constantly striving to provide quality healthcare services.


We support all major segments of the communications industry. Inspired Infotech services are designed to help you meet complex challenges within the communications industry. Our approach begins with a focus on you, understanding your strategic goals and the obstacles in your path. We then partner with you to build and execute a plan that addresses your needs, leveraging our suite of flexible services, our sound delivery methodologies and the highest caliber IT expertise.


Retailers around the world have faced a tough business environment in the last decade. With increasing cost of goods, declining number of customers per square foot, competition from newer online-only internet stores, Retailers today are challenged to manage their margins. Several of our retail customers are overcoming these problems by using latest technology such as RFID, strong presence in the internet inter-twined with their core business and by creating strong customer loyalty.


We support federal, state and local government programs. Whether you need end-to-end capabilities or modular services that can augment your existing teams and fill gaps in your program plans, we partner with you to create the best-fit solution.