IT Staffing Services


Our IT staffing solutions help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success–your people. We begin our partnership by seeking to understand your business targets and the gaps between your current and future state. We then build a workforce staffing strategy to close those gaps with the right people, skills and competencies, when and where you need them.

As businesses expand, so do the related staffing and resource needs. Short or long-term assignments, or an entire development project, may require a rapid staffing response. Inspired Infotech’s Professional Staffing Services offer each client an array of professionals with a variety of expertise and experience. We have our own scientific way of finding the right talent based on the industry and background requirements.

Temporary Staffing Services

  • Supplemental Staffing: Whether the project is large or small, short-term or long-term, We have the qualified, trained professionals you need.
  • Special Projects (Short Term or Long Term): The hassle of finding professionals who will only work for a limited time can be eliminated when you allow us to staff your special projects.

Contract to Hire Staffing Services

  • Finding the right person who not only does a good job but also fits well in your company can be very challenging. It takes time to find out if the individuals will be a long-term fit. This option allows you to try before you buy so you can better understand if the person will be a good all around fit for your organization.

Parmanent Placement Services

  • High performing employees are generally not actively looking for jobs. Typically, they do not take aggressive measures to market themselves. However, most of them will consider new career opportunities if the right opportunity presents itself.

Benefits to Clients :

  • No liability insurance
  • No administrative costs for hiring such as: advertising, recruiting, checking references, and employment paperwork
  • No payroll withholdings and deductions to collect, pay, administrate, and report
  • Less training and supervising costs

Staffing Flexibility

  • Match your staffing levels with your workload and project requirements
  • Maintain company structure through short-term projects
  • Quick hiring process vs. lengthy permanent placement cycle
  • Avoid ballooning your permanent staff for project needs
  • Option to terminate contractors at any time

Sole-Source Staffing Ability

  • Decrease number of vendors to manage
  • Reduce your administrative responsibilities
  • Simplify staffing fulfillment process
  • One-stop shopping for all your staffing needs
  • Expand your staffing alternatives

Eliminate Payrool Tax Issues

  • No W-2 hiring process
  • No federal or state taxes and insurance responsibilities
  • No tax reporting on contract labor
  • No year-end W-2 administration hassles
  • Avoid having to remain current on all tax laws and regulations